Catholic Physicians Guild of San Antonio - Catholic organization in San Antonio TX

Catholic Physicians Guild of San Antonio

Catholic Physicians Guild of San Antonio is an association of healthcare professionals that informs, organizes, and inspires its members to uphold the principles of the Catholic faith in the practice of medicine. We come together to fellowship, to serve and to be Christ to a world in need of healing.

The Guild is not just for physicians but also dentists, nurses, pharmacists, therapists and all others who practice healthcare professionally. Students preparing for careers in healthcare are especially welcome.

Our mission is to provide a professional resource which embodies the practice of authentic Catholic medicine in support of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, and to foster networking, collaboration, community service, education, formation, and outreach in accordance with the principles of the Catholic Medical Association.

The Guild seeks to be of service by participating in local health fairs and other health-related events. It also supports mission trips, pro-life groups and other groups doing good work in our community and seeks to be a resource to medical students and others entering the healthcare field.

202 W. French Place
San Antonio, TX 78212

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